Honestly, keepin it real, yo!

Yesterday, as some of you know, I took down my blog.

My mother was livid. She said, “How could you! How dare you! That is your online journal. You NEED to keep it up. I am so sad. I am so mad.” And then she hung up on me.

And the more I thought about it, the more I thought she was right. I love this blog. It’s a great outlet for me, creatively and documental. But the thing is, if I am going to continue this blog, I am going to keep it more real. I am not going to feel stifled. I see nothing wrong with telling it like it is.

See, what happened was I got in a TIFF with my studly husband. {I didn’t think he was a stud at the time.} We said awful things to each other. It isn’t often that we do that, so it was an awful day. We were frustrated with each other. We disagreed on a parenting issue and it got out of hand. I said he was a ‘jerk,’ and he told me I spend too much time blogging and on facebook. And it really hit me in the heart when he said that, because it was true. I felt so ashamed.

Right away, I deleted my facebook account and took down my blog.

My mother hung up on me before I could tell her all of that. I needed someone to talk to. So, I called my brother. My dear brother. Why doesn’t he have a girlfriend? He is the best at giving advice. I told him about my TIFF with my husband and then with our mother. He laughed. It really was silly, me in a TIFF with two people then. Over silly stuff! My husband and I had been disagreeing over our 9 year old loading the dishwasher, of all things. My husband, you see, is very particular about how the dishes should be arranged in the dishwasher. And, well, I am not. So, that was the basis of the disagreement. Pretty silly, right? How does one compromise over an issue like that? Well, my brother said, tell your husband he can always do the dishes then. And we both got a good laugh. Then, he said, duh, when you are in relationships, there’s always going to be times when you don’t see eye to eye. Just make up. {Not his exact words, but you get the gist.}

My husband and I made up. And I told him about my mother and how upset she was over the blog. He couldn’t believe I took down the blog. He didn’t mean it that way, he said. And he didn’t really mean it anyway. And then HE was sad about my blog being down.

All this over the blog!!!

(and p.s. no one really cared about facebook.)

When my friend, Casey, emailed me about what happened to my blog, I was like, “ya know what, the blog is going back up.”

So that, my friends, is what happened. An honest blog entry on how awful my day was yesterday and also how such silly things get out of hand and how when you think your blog is just a wee little speck, it might be, but it’s a good speck to have, because there are a few people who like it and appreciate it and would miss ya if you went away and that feels… good.  And anyway, compromise is good.  And so is moderation.  And so is keepin it real.


5 responses to “Honestly, keepin it real, yo!

  1. Yep. We have had very similar Tiff’s over here on this speck– but I noticed you were gone! … and I would have gotten a very similar phone call from my mother..only hers would have been full of tears because she could not stare at pictures of her grandchildren all the time….

    Sorry you left– very glad you are back! Hope today was a better day!

  2. 🙂 You always brighten my day with your comments!!!

  3. So glad to see that you are back. I love following your blog 🙂

  4. Thanks Aimee 😉

  5. Mom here…..Sorry to be such a piece. Love you, the family and the blog.

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