The birthday party.

My poor blog, neglected.
It’s just been a busy week.
With my daughter’s 5 year old birthday and birthday party and all.

It was a blast.
This is what we did:
On her actual birthday, we went to chuck e cheese with just our immediate family.
Then, on Saturday was her PRINCESS party.
As the guests arrived, I had them make castles out of sugar cubes.
Next, we played “princess walk.” Like a cake walk, but whomever lands on Cinderella got a prize (and they each had a turn to land on her).
Then, we sought and found Cinderella’s glass slippers.
Next, we played Royal Ball freeze dance.
Then, we sat and read Princess & the Pea. Everyone sat on a pillow and then I told them we were going to see if they were real princesses. So, they went in another room and I hid a ball under an unsuspecting princess’ pillow. If they felt it, I knew they were a princess. And they all had a turn. each of them received a certificate saying they were a real princess.
Then, pin the tail on the donkey.
Next, cake & ice cream.
Then, of course, Presents.
And, lastly, free play & dancing.
It was a successful party 🙂


5 responses to “The birthday party.

  1. oh my gosh, you must be exhausted! I LOVE all of your activites. Z had a great time!

  2. Can you throw me a birthday party? We could play “Lifesyle Lift, and bleach your mustache, and try to touch your toes and try to thread the needle….etc.

  3. Love that you put the closeup of her hand in the center of the layout!

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  5. You have always been the best at that kind of stuff. How LUCKY those kids of yours are to have a mom like you!

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