Totally Cool Tuesday

I’m feeling a little crabby lately. So, right now I hardly think anything is cool. I’ve been racking my brain…what’s cool? what’s cool? Nada. Except! My photography class. Yesterday, we learned about ISO. I never appreciated the significance of the ISO. Well, it’s quite important, yes. Here’s a sequence of shots I did showing just how much of a difference the ISO makes:
(all shots taken with f stop 5.6 and shutter speed 1/8, so the only thing I changed was the ISO)

Do you think that’s cool? I do. But I know if you’re not all about photography, you might not think it is. You might be like, huh! I think last week, I would’ve been like, huh!
So, this is for the non photo freaks. It’s a flower in the bouquet my husband bought me this week. awwww. That’s sweet AND cool, right?

Okay, I am going to go and get out of this funkity funk. I think I’ll go clean. Or sew. Or knit. Hrm….
In the mean time, link up! I wanna know what you think is cool. Leave a comment and I’ll be by to reply. ——>>> grab a button, too (if you want <3)


3 responses to “Totally Cool Tuesday

  1. Such great flower shots!

  2. Great pictures! Fun experimenting with the ISO. I will have to try that.

  3. What I think is cool is my yummy Spaghetti carbonara and Spinach Pesto Crostini I made last night for my friends. DD wish you could have been here!!!!!

    It was delicious, if I must say so myself. That is my totally cool thing for Tuesday. By the way, I like the 3rd shot best in the ISO

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