she’s charismatic.

Yesterday, I was telling another mom how my daughter is loud & bossy. And I didn’t get to finish the story. I hardly ever get to finish a story (or a full sentence or a full thought). So, I know that people think I am just crazy. I always start out with the most shocking declarations. Such as … my daughter is loud and bossy. As conversations go, I just never get around to going back to the story. I wonder if I have adult ADD.

Now, I will forever go down as the mom who trash talked her daughter. But really, I do think my daughter is loud and bossy, which has negative stigmas associated with them, but honestly I think those are her best assets. It’s what’s most endearing about her. She’s great at making friends and not being shy about letting them know what she likes and what she wants to play. She always knows how to have a good time. She’s a natural leader. And she has a beautiful voice (she sings…A LOT!). The girl is charismatic. So, that’s that.

The story I was telling was a simple story that showcased her loudness & bossiness. She had gone to a birthday party last week, which was also a pizza party (yum!). They made homemade single pizzas (english muffins with pizza toppings). While the pizzas were in the oven, my daughter corralled the other party attenders into shouting and pounding on the table “PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!” I was embarrassed, yet proud.


6 responses to “she’s charismatic.

  1. The ‘Loud and bossy’ kids are always the most popular too 🙂

  2. It’s her best qualities, I love that story.

  3. no one can finish a story! so true. and lucia ROCKS just like her momma.

  4. Oh no- were you telling me the story at the photo class? I think you were- and I just wanted to talk about Mark Ruffalo.

    I’m all about group chanting. It’s like a flash mob for 4 year olds. And they think it’s so funny. I see her as more “confident” then “bossy.”

  5. That’s confidence!

    I just love her. The world is her oyster and I hope that she sails through all the storms with her natural grace and self awareness.

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