P52, Books, week 2.

I have been contemplating this shot for the last week. What to do, what to do. I have taken shots of me sleeping on the bookshelf – no lie. And THEN! my son was reading in my bed and I was like, yeah, books. Books are such a big part of our lives. You can find everyone in my house reading at any given time. Well, not so much the man, but he reads to the kids, so that counts! Anyway, here Iwe are (mostly me, but my son is in the background)reading on the bed.

Linking up to Picture Motherhood (I’m following her themes for this project throughout the year)


4 responses to “P52, Books, week 2.

  1. who could live without books? Not I. I have gone back in time, into the future, around the world, cried, laughed privately out loud, been in love and out , examined my mind and others, learned a new language, tried a new recipe, found my symptoms as well as my roots, all because of books.

  2. US too! Love this shot 🙂

  3. we love books at our house too. it’s always quiet after we come home from the library.

  4. I love that your son is reading in the background in this photo. He looks so engaged in his book. Sleeping on a bookshelf? I’d love to see that shot, one day : )

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