Totally Cool Tuesdays

Guess what. We’re having tons of fun watching the hermit crab. Yes, the one who pinched and held on for dear life to my son’s palm. But we’re so over that now. Last night, I put in a bigger shell and he moved into it!!!! Yes, dear bloggies, that is what I think is TOTALLY COOL!
Check out this photo:

And here’s a close up of the critter:

Linking up this shot.
Sweet Shot Day

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6 responses to “Totally Cool Tuesdays

  1. How cool!!!!


  2. That is pretty cool. My kids are fascinated by hermit crabs and beg for one every time we’re at the beach. Maybe one day…

  3. wow!! That is so awesome!! I didn’t know that they eat tangerines!

  4. Wow…my kids would love that!

  5. Remember Hermie? I brought him back to Minnesota from Virginia Beach (on the plane in a styrophoam quarter pounder box) and he lived for a long time……………cool.


  6. I didn’t link but I did add a Totally Cool Tuesday post. Except it’s Thursday…

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