he likes it, he likes it!

My son got a telescope. Um, way cool, way!

Some of you have seen this shot, but I wanted to link up to a few challenges. Hey! I never knew how many Tuesday happenings there were on the blogosphere. Speaking of….next up is TOTALLY COOL TUESDAYS! Don’t forget to link up….


Sweet Shot Day



15 responses to “he likes it, he likes it!

  1. Great shot! That would be dangerous in our home!!!


  2. There is a partial eclipse today………and Venus high above the sliver of the moon. Cool

  3. Haha, what a fun capture!

  4. Ha! Fun picture! Found you on the Happiness Project.

  5. How cool! I always wanted one of those when I was a kid.

  6. Cute photo! Glad he’s enjoying it!

  7. Interesting shot. Looks like fun!


  8. Oooh I would love one of those…I would totally spy on people. 🙂

  9. That’s a really cool shot. Love the perspective.

  10. That is so awesome…and I love this shot!

  11. Love this shot! My son received one too but unfortunately we can’t get it work right. Thinking it needs to be returned. Will have to get one that he can use because he LOVES it.

  12. I just Love that picture! Love ~ Love ~ Love!!! =0

  13. by the way…I meant for that to be a smiley face…my bad.

  14. way WAYYYY cool 😀 Love the pic!

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