G’bye 2010, Hello 2011 (and my New Years Resolution)

I think I posted a while ago that my mac crashed this summer. Boohoo. That was the saddest thing ever to happen, because, well, I lost 20,000 pictures. I kid you not – 20,000!! Luckily, I had some photos on here (mommarocks) to resave to my new Harddrive, but I lost years and years of my kids growing up. So sad. 😦 So, I see everyone posting their reflections of the year via photos and I just want to cry. I only have photos from August to now. So, I thought I’d do a collage of my favs:


You thought I was going to abandon the whole idea of coming up with a Resolution, didn’t you? Tsk, tsk. Well, I didn’t forget. I have been wholeheartedly racking my brain for something awesome to do. I want to share with you my resolution brainstorming list:
*Be a better mother.
*Be a better wife.
*Be a better person.
*Stop eating pizza.
*Limit eating pizza to the weekends.
*Stop drinking diet coke.
*Drink water, diet coke is fine in moderation.
*Get a new wardrobe.
*Stop shopping.
*Be thankful for what you have.
*Start posting about what you are thankful for.
*Be original.
*Don’t start a thankful Thursdays blog linky fest. (I found tons on the web! Hey, I thought it was MY idea, but apparently it wasn’t. Dang)
*Be original.
*A-HA!!! Totally COOL Tuesdays. !!!!! An event where everyone is invited to participate in posting on my linky dinks (will be posted on Tuesdays from here on out)-on this blog (mommarocks)- about what they think is cool. A blog post of their own. A photo. A website. A coupon. A book. A magazine. An article. A story. An outfit. A project. A craft. A store. Whatever!!!
What you do is come back to this blog (www.mommarocks.wordpress.com) on TUESDAYS and link up to the linkyfest with your blog name and your blog post about what you think is TOTALLY COOL.
There’s just so much in this world that’s cool, ya know. And I didn’t want to limit myself or anyone else to what exactly has to be cool. We’re all different and I like that.
And now that I have some followers on here, I thought it would be fun to have y’allz participate. I know that I personally love to link up to other bloggies out there and I’ve found some really awesome blogs that I would’ve never found otherwise.
So, that’s my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION – To be more cool. And invite others to be cool with me, YO>

Here are my blog buttons that I designed (and you can use to link, up, too. I just need to figure out how to add the html code. Bear with me, I am new to this…):




Hey! I’ll be back next year.
Happy New Year.


2 responses to “G’bye 2010, Hello 2011 (and my New Years Resolution)

  1. Hello……get new wardrobe and stop shopping
    stop eating pizza…..limit pizza to weekends
    stop drink diet coke……diet coke in moderation.


    Hope you and your family had a peaceful and fun New Years Eve.

    Maybe next year, I’ll babysit and you guys can go out and party like its 1999!!!!!!


  2. Happy New year! Totally cool Tuesdays sounds *ahem* totally cool 😉

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