New Years Resolution? (and a cool photo)

Well, dear ones, it’s coming to that time of year again.  I’ve been thinking about what shall be my New Years Resolution this year.  Last year, I made the handmade/recycled/reused pledge.  Wow, that was really hard!  I think I lasted 6 months.  But, over all, I think I did pretty well.  I still do most of my shopping at thrift stores and garage/estate sales.  So, I am pleased with myself.  I mean, I can’t really be that disappointed in myself when I have a shopping addiction, rigggghhhht?  If I do at least half my shopping in the used/handmade area, that’s still pretty good.  And most likely I do more than 50 %/  It’s more like 80%.  It’s just that I cannot say no to clearance!  And don’t even suggest that as my New Resolution.  I’m not even going there this year.  😉

I was thinking more along the lines of a project.  Like, Perhaps the 365 project, where you take a photo everyday.  But I kinda already do that.  Or how ’bout the one word a day movement?  But one word is just not as fun as 100 words and 100 words is too many to do everyday.


What if I adopted a new puppy?

Did I just give you all a heart attack?

I swear!  No more pets.  Geez, I am really becoming a pet hoarder, aren’t I?

How ’bout an actual baby?

Nah, my husband just said no to that one, did you hear him?

I’m NOT going on a diet.  That’s too hard.  I COULD exercise everyday, but that’s too hard, too.

I need something fun.  And exciting.  And different.  Something I’ll stick to.

But what is it?

I have approximately THREE days to ponder this and then I’ll get back to ya.

Until then, check out this really cool photo I took of a beehive covered in snow.

Sweet Shot Day


and then, she {snapped}


7 responses to “New Years Resolution? (and a cool photo)

  1. Your resolution list looks like mine– nonexistent… lol. love the bee hive picture!

  2. ha! Totally. So, you understand. 🙂

  3. You could resolve to get the kids out in nature more often and capture their joy there in photos–then participate in my new meme: Nature Connections. Just and idea. 😉

    Love the beehive shot!

  4. very cool shot. thanks for linking up! and maybe you could resolve not to shop at target…on tuesdays. or something like that. ; )

  5. How ’bout one day a week (or month) where you do absolutely nothing and just veg………

    Knowing you, that would no be possible.

    I love you and I love the way you set new goals for yourself. We are all a work in progress.


  6. Once a week, you’ll treat yourself to a night out with your knitting peeps.

  7. Awesome capture! Thanks for linking up!

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