Christmas pics

For the holiday, my mom flew in from Florida.  Here she is with my daughter and my niece.

I hadn’t even noticed my mom was wearing a hairpiece, but here’s the proof:

When she comes to town, all the kids corral around her.  And they fight about who gets to sleep next to her.  I had a brilliant idea that the kids would sleep on the floor and their heads would both touch the bed she was in, but they still fought over who slept closer to HER head.  She said she was flattered.

And when she comes to town, she gets everyone to dance (even if they’re reluctant at first.)

I put my camera away for the big festivities, but here’s a photo at the end of the night.   Then, wearing our new pajamas, we went to bed so Santa could come.

My son got a hermit crab.  He was so excited!  THEN!!! I heard screaming from his room and found the crab had attached himself to my son’s palm.  If I tugged, the crab pinched harder.  So, I had to bring them both into the bathroom and run the hand with the attached crab under water until the crab let loose.  What a traumatic event.  My son said, “the hermit crab WAS my favorite present, but not anymore.”  That made me so sad 😦  Thankfully, it was Santa who brought the crab and not me, so I am still in good standing.  My daughter got a Beta Fish and she said, “well, at least my fish doesn’t bite.”  Yep, honey.

At least my son was happy with his new dragon that HE designed (unbeknownst to him until he opened it up).  That was from me, so he still likes me.

And that’s the conclusion of my Christmas weekend.





One response to “Christmas pics

  1. What a geat holiday

    You guys are the best


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