MY mom

When we talk about my mom at home, my daughter never calls her ‘Grandma,’ she says, “your mom!”  I think that is so funny, because it is usually a weird concept that your mom has a mom, ya know.  Anyway, my mom came to visit for a bit and she insisted on an impromptu photo shoot.  She said she really wanted to capture and embrace herself at 56.  I thought it was pretty cool, since most women are always finding ways to cover up their aging features (like me!!).  In reality, I think she has better skin than me and she is just breathtaking in natural light.  If I look like her at 56, I would be happy.  I did not smooth her skin whatsoever in photoshop.  I did remove a glob of mascara, however. Ha.

I love you, mom.


5 responses to “MY mom

  1. She is very beautiful… I wish my mother would let me take photos like this of her…

  2. I love you too!!!!!!

  3. Just came upon your blog n love it! You and your mom are
    so sweet together and you’re Both Adorable!!!

  4. ❤ Thank you.

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