museum fun

I’ve told you about how the cool library has museum (and zoo) passes that you can check out, right? Well, we got another one for The Bakken, a museum of electricity. So, for some free fun, we headed on over to there and, of course, I snapped some photos:
This is a machine they used in the olden days to get their kicks. It cost a dime to basically shock yourself. You held on to one side while turning the knob on the other side to get the electricity going. Basically, it just tickles.

Wow, this was so fun. You wear this headband that measures your brain activity. The more relaxed you are, the more you move this “mind” ball. There was a graph to show you how you did, but the real fun was seeing who could get the most relaxed.  I was #1.  Hrm.

This produces sound from the electronodes (or whatever) that come from your hands. You don’t have to touch it, you just wave your hands near it. Pretty cool.

creating electricity.

using the electricity.

The museum is in this really big mansion that I kinda just wanted to spend the day pretending that I lived there.


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