Presenting…Miss Mabel.

I decided to name my sewing machine Mabel.  Mabel Marie.  Do you love it?

My first altering project:

ETA photo: (still trying to figure how to focus in self timer)

I went from ‘rip’ to ‘ruffly flower’.  Um, awesome.  I just hope I am not making my clothes worse. ha.

Well, me n Miss mabel have some more acquainting to do….

p.s. I am entering Faith’s photo challenge, “LOVE,” with my pics of Mabel.  She’s my new love.  Is that selfish?


2 responses to “Presenting…Miss Mabel.

  1. Woot! I am impressed! I do not own a piece of clothing with a tear or a stain …. I could keep miss Mabel (and you) very busy for a while. If you would like me to pack up my wardrobe and send it your way… just give me the word!

  2. Mabel Earl……….just sayin


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