Guess what!

My super secret order has been finished and is on its way. You wanna know what it is, don’t ya? Well, I’ll tell ya, but then I’ll have to kill ya. Ha, kidding (that wasn’t funny, was it?). I’ll tell ya, but promise to shhhhhh until after Christmas, mkay?
Well, clever me has been trying so hard to keep presents local and/or handmade (with a few regular large store doozies, too).
First, I had my son draw a picture. Here it is:

Then, I put up an alchemy on etsy for someone to make a stuffed animal out of it. I, of course, requested that it be cool enough for a 9 year old.
Surprisingly, I had a few bids, so I had to make a choice. (and let the others know they were out of the running – that was no fun!)
Monkeycatproductions was the winner of the bids.
And today she sent me these pictures of it finished and on its way:

Cool, right?
I cannot wait for it. And I can’t wait to see his face. Do you think he’ll love it as much as -dare I say? – me?

That aside, I have other fabulous news. For some reason, I thought I was to win a 20.00 gift card to Target from Faith (blog giveaway), but I was wrong. And how glad I am to be wrong. What I actually won was a 40.00 gift certificate to any class she teaches via online. Well, you know I went on there right away and signed up for the January SLR class. YIPEEEEEE.
(p.s. ’tis the season for blog giveaways! – yay.)


5 responses to “Guess what!

  1. wow! congrats on winning and that stuffed animal is really great!!

  2. thank ya. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Love the dragon stuffed animal! What an awesome idea. Do you mind me asking how much she charged?

    In response to older posts–you look FABULOUS. I have way more wrinkles than you and I don’t turn 35 until March. Let’s call them wisdom lines or smile lines.

    Also, the baby booties are adorable and reminds me that I never properly thanked you for the pair you knitted me. THANK YOU. They are waiting patiently to be worn ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Awesome drawing by dgs
    He obviously got Poppy’s gift. And what a super cool idea. Artist did a great job with stuffed animal.

    Really great

    \and congrats on photo contest.


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