been knitting and coveting these ecourses…

Been knitting….

p.s. My online shop has these, so check it out (oh, minus the heart – that has yet to be felted).

practicing my photo skills I learned at my photo class (maybe I’ll have photo posts for ya later…). Ugh, I am soooo confused. I like auto setting. But I really want to take advantage of what my camera has to offer and have more control. Ya know? Tomorrow night is part 2 of my photo class, which will get more into manual function, BUT alas, dear ones, if you are looking for a present for me (for, say, my birthday or Christmas), I really want to take this online photo class.

and speaking of online classes, wouldn’t it be cool if I took this one, too?

So, there’s my wish list.

Oh and p.s. did anyone notice my comment from Faith in the last post? Dudes, I TOTALLY WON a 20.00 gift card to Target. wooooohoooooooooooo.


2 responses to “been knitting and coveting these ecourses…

  1. SO cute! I have a feeling nothing i ever knitt will ever look anything like that. Class or not!

  2. I read the posting from Faith…congratulations. You are talented in so many ways.

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