She’s a ChrisJew

Today, someone asked L (my dd) if she was Jewish or Christian. She didn’t answer, so I said she was a “ChrisJew.” Really, she’s neither. She does go to Sunday School at a Lutheran Church. I grew up Catholic. My husband grew up Jewish. We don’t go to church or synagogue. We do celebrate a few select holidays from each religion. Passover, Easter, Hanukkah, Christmas. Really, I think it’s more of a competitive thing. What are the kids going to remember and cherish as their tradition? Will it be the latkes on Hanukkah or the tree and decorations on Christmas? I try to give each holiday its own identity. Like, right now it’s Hanukkah and only Hanukkah stuff is up. Yet, we did make ornaments for Christmas presents today – on our Hanukkah table cloth. So, I guess I take the identity thing back. I guess, really, what it is IS an identity crisis. All I know is that I just want my kids to have some options. And some education. And a little background. So they can, ultimately, make their own decision. And, most of all, accept EVERYONE and respect & appreciate others’ beliefs.

Do you think I am confusing them or enriching them?


3 responses to “She’s a ChrisJew

  1. Enriching, definitely!!! I think it is great that they are learning about so many different things at such a young age.

    Veronica Samuels

  2. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Cool blog, btw.

  3. I think what you are doing is harder than raising your children in one belief system/religious culture but hopefully when your children are older they will be more respectful of other people’s beliefs than someone who has just been indoctrinated with their parents beliefs. ๐Ÿ™‚

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