This is Jake.

Usually, all of my photo attention goes to Charlie.  But you know what?  Jake is a really beautiful dog, too.  Here he is in action:

What’s he thinking about?  Sometimes, I just wish I could talk to my dogs.  Is that crazy talk?  Or, is it that I just love them like they’re my family and I value their thoughts.  That is, if I knew what their thoughts were. 🙂

Anyway, linking up to an EYE challenge at Simplicity, because I think you can kinda tell what dogs are thinking just by looking into their eyes.  And in this last picture, I think Jake is thinking, ‘c’mon, I’m done with the pictures today, but I will lay here and appease you.’


2 responses to “This is Jake.

  1. What a sweet looking dog! He is very beautiful. I love the last 2 pics…showing his sweetness and beautiful face 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

  2. Scary….but I know he is a pussycat.

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