My life, this week….

It’s been a weird week.

And a lot of things have been on my mind.

First of all, parenting.

I know they say parenting is the hardest thing you’ll ever do.  But they never tell you why.  You always suppose it’s because kids are little pains sometimes.  But it isn’t that.  It’s because you exhaust yourself with trying to make the best choices, to be a better person, and do everything in your power to make sure they turn out to be good human beings.  But in the midst of all of it, you just don’t know.  You just hope.  And that’s a big responsibility on someone’s shoulders – the future of another being.  I mean, whoa, right?

So, this week some parenting challenges I have faced are

1.OTHER people’s parenting styles.  What do you do if your child is friends with a kid whose parents are completely rearing their child opposite of what you believe is the best way?  I mean this to say that I am pretty open minded about how we all have our own styles and I completely and utterly respect that.  What I am concerned about is that their way is possibly against my way, in every way.  Okay, for example, I was against weapons in my house for a long time.  I know my kid wanted a light saber, but couldn’t bring myself to get one.  Squirt guns? Nah, we use “squirters.”  Little figurines that have swords and whatnots?  We play without the whatnots.  So, anyway, this other kid’s parents bought a second light saber for my son for when he comes over.  You know, since he can’t have one at home.  Um, NOT cool.  And things like that just come up more often than not.  I dread, DREAD, when they play together.  If I could just keep them apart.  But I can’t – they’re our neighbors!  So, I’m at a loss about what to do.

2. My overweight child.  She isn’t overweight.  Not yet, anyway.  That’s what the doctors say.  She started out in the negative percentile and has jumped to the 80th percentile.  I think she is perfectly fine.  I really do.  But I am so, so worried that she is going to catch on and start to become self conscious or something and be insecure.  I mean, even if she becomes what they consider to be overweight, I want her to have a healthy self image and esteem.  Ya know.

3.  School.  Last week, my son didn’t want to go to BINGO night, because I wasn’t on the PTO anymore.  I never knew how much he liked me being on the PTO.  How can I be involved in school without being on the PTO and without being overwhelmed?  I need to figure this out.

4. PTO.  Actually, I kinda miss the PTO, too.  Maybe I should have done another year.  But I had already done two years.  Don’t you think it was time for someone else to take a turn?

5. Asthma & Allergies.  My son has asthma and allergies.  OY.  If you or your kid have asthma or allergies, you know what I mean.  It’s just such a hinderance to life.  And every time my son has an asthma attack, I feel like somehow it is all my fault, because I formed his body in my body.  And I tried, I really, really did, to give him a good start in there (my belly).  But there’s still this guilt.  Like, did I hang around too many cats, drink too much milk, inhale too much car exhaust?

6. Allergies continued…And let me just tell you how heartbreaking it is when your kid, who is allergic to cats (DEATHLY!!!allergic) confides to you that he wants to be a veternarian when he grows up.  Ahh, Lordy, that one hit me right in the heart!!!

Second of all, money.

I know money can’t buy you everything.  But it surely is close.  And I just hate being poor.  It’s really hard having a shopping addiction when you are poor, believe me.

Third of all, more money.

So, I was thinking I need to amp up my little hobby/business.  I spent an entire day (12 hours or more) creating a flyer to send out to boutiques.  Then, researching which ones to send it to.  And then.  THEN!!!!! When I sent it out, I had THREE replies right away.  So, as of right now, I am selling stuff in one and will be selling at two more in the future.  I cannot tell you how exciting that is!  I think I have fun, cool stuff, but you know, so do a lot of other people.  And etsy is so saturated with cool stuff.  And craft shows are a hit or miss.  And, well, now we’ll see how this endeavor goes.  pretty soon, I won’t be able to justify my craft store shopping addiction.  Unless…..AHA! I get a job at the craft store. Ingenius, right?  Anyway, wish me luck on the boutiques, because I think I fancy that more than working the register at Jo-Annes.

And now I am a bit worn out venting to my blog that is just a speck, or even hardly a speck, in the world wide web.  But it’s nice to have an outlet, so thank you, blog.  You’re a good friend, dear blog.




2 responses to “My life, this week….

  1. Very thoughtful and important questions, concerns and observations. Since I know you pretty well, I see what a great job you do being all the things that you are. Relax…….when you do the best you can, you have to throw the rest of it up to the Gods and Goddesses….cause so much is simply out of our control and hands.

    Love you dg

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