ah, the good things in life…

Brunch at my favorite restaurant.

The French Meadow.

I don’t know why I love it there so much.  It’s a place where you have to hover.  Y’know, stand around and wait for an open table and then snag it before someone else does.  So, it’s not like you ever get great service, since you have to do everything yourself.  And it’s crazy busy all the time!  Like line around the block crazy.  One might say its trendy.  And perhaps it is.  But it’s oh so awesome.  You can get vegan, vegetarian, meat lovin.  A cinnamon roll as big as a plate, breakfast quesadilla with homemade salsa, ahh the list goes on and on.  And while everything is organic and fresh and baked and cooked right there, I always get a diet coke.  Am I a total fanatic, or what?  I seriously need to kick this stupid habit – diet coke drinking!  Anyway, my friend, Casey, taught me this new photography trick – taking pictures ON THE TABLE.  I took this one on the table and for some reason I just feel like it captures the good things from my Sunday: Being at French Meadow, drinking a diet coke, staring at the love of my life, soaking in the ambiance….


3 responses to “ah, the good things in life…

  1. Great idea and shot!

  2. I still have never been there. Cool shot.

  3. LOVE it all- French Meadow, Diet Coke, table photography- pretty much my idea of a perfect day!

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