FIL Visit!

My Father iN Law is in town and he’s not one to just sit around.  Usually, we go about the town when he’s in town.  So, what we’ve done so far is:

GONE TO THE FARM (my favorite place):

and made apple cider and pancakes from the eggs from the chickens

met an owl with one eye.

played with the chickens and even grabbed some eggs.

Milked ol miss Mimi

and chased after sheep.

Then, we went to the Zoo Boo at the Free Zoo.

The next day, we went to Underwater World:

Tomorrow, I am subbing for the Sunday School teacher.  I am so dang nervous.  What if I accidentally say “Oh, to Hell with it?”  After that, more fun stuff with the FIL.


One response to “FIL Visit!

  1. What a great time. Looks like fun had by all…..DFIL looks pooped!

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