sooc, rakin’ the leaves, and a haircut

Do you know what sooc means? It means straight out of camera. And this picture was SOOC. I love it so much. It’s probably more than just the shadows and colors. I bought this plant when it was eensy weensy at a garage sale for a dollar. They said it would grow huge, but it took time. Well, I had forgotten about it, because I planted it behind the garage. And then I found it today. What a great surprise. It has flowers of some sort. I have no idea what this plant is called. But I planted it when it was no bigger than 3 inches and it is about 3.5 feet tall now. With these flower bursts. And it’s Fall. Gah, that’s what I love about nature. Just when I thought everything was dying in my yard, I find a live one.

Of course, I am linking up to the Simplicity Photo Challenge (this is becoming one of my favorite things to do in the week.)

Today, we also raked the leaves and L played in them.

And my lil pumpkin got a haircut today. She seriously needed it. You know when the hairdresser is trying to instruct you on detangling hair, it’s a problem. So, we cut it shorter hoping to avoid those little tiffs in the morning when I try to brush her hair. Too bad, she can’t request side ponies (circa Napoleon Dynamite – if you haven’t seen it, rent it today.)

p.s. I was just thinking – I never got a picture of the entire plant (mentioned at the beginning of this post). Very interesting, considering I was very intrigued by the new size of it. However, I was also amused by the shadows, since it was early evening. Here are some other snap shots, also sooc:


2 responses to “sooc, rakin’ the leaves, and a haircut

  1. Wonderful shots, I love them all. The pinks are so bold!

  2. the pics are very nice and the shadows vs the shingles are unexpected.

    Liked the “g” mark

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