Addicted to blogs?

I seriously think I am addicted to blogs.
I can’t start my day unless I’ve checked my favs. And I can’t end my day without checking those same blogs. Isn’t that an addiction?
Well, I have found the most awesome site to let me know if my favorite blogs have any updates. It’s called Bloglovin. I just put in the names of my favorite blogs, they found them, and I said okay add it to my list. Simple as that. So, now it’s kinda like one stop shopping. Wanna know what my favorite blogs are at the moment? Here they are:

And what a time saver! Now, I actually have time to comment on those blogs. I’m so excited to be participating in this “blog world.”

Speaking of blogging, here’s my latest:

Swim lessons. Definitely worth the money. What else can I say?

peace out, yo. mommarocks