Hello again.

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Back by popular demand…


But seriously, mom, this one’s for you.

Okay, here goes (it’s been a while, give me a break).

My husband came to my work the other day.  …..Oh, news flash – I work at a preschool, part time.  Basically, my kid gets to go for free and so I still see it as being a 24/7 SAHM…..  Anyway, after he left, my coworker said, “your husband is a stud.”  I replied, “really?  You think he’s hot?”  “Yeah, he’s a stud,” she said.  So, I had to tell him, right?  Boy, did I not realize how much it would go to his head.  That was a few days ago and he’s still going on about it.

“Feel this muscle.”

“I was thinking honey, if I had a stud finder and rolled it along my chest, do you think it would beep?”

“yeah, I am a stud.”

“I’m your arm candy.”

“Everyone thinks I am stud.”

“Don’t ya wanna make me happy?  I am a stud after all.”

I mean, I like to boost his ego, but it’s gotten a bit out of hand, if you ask me.  Don’t ya think?

Oh well, at least I talked his studliness into cleaning out the gutters this weekend.  Note to all the women out there: a man cannot turn down a chance to show off how much of a stud he is.   Is that being sexist?  Oh shoot, I just had a moment of political correctness; I hope it passes.

Till next time,



One response to “Hello again.

  1. well he might be a stud, but you are studliness yourself.

    glad you are back. looks like a fun day was had by all at the corn maze. those things are freaky, you really can get lost in them.

    keep on bloggin dd.


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