a perfect Fall Sunday

Woke up to Charlie whining to get on the bed and then when I scooped him up and plopped him on the duvet, he looked so comfy I thought it deserved a photo.

Later, we went to a corn maze and played on all of the “attractions.” Check it out.

I am so proud of F (my son) for trying out the power jump.  This is the kid that scared of everything.  And I mean everything.  So, even though this particular activity was 7.00, I said, “go for it.”  He didn’t do any jumps and I don’t know if you can tell by the pictures or not, but he was very nervous!  In the end, he said he didn’t like it.  But for him to at least try, that was big.  My little L (daughter) is the complete opposite.  We had to tell her to keep her hands on the pony so she wouldn’t fall off, but she kept swinging her arm up and saying, “yeeehaw.”  The day was rather fun.  Who knew walking aimlessly in a corn maze would be so much fun?  We handed the kids the map and followed and just enjoyed the sunny day.  As a treat, my stud jumped in the corn pit with kids and they attacked him.

Anyway, it feels good to be back at blogging.  I think I’ll start doing some of these photo challenges I see on other sites.  Like on, for instance, http://ashleysisk.blogspot.com/.

So, look out world, here come more photos…

Till then, G


One response to “a perfect Fall Sunday

  1. I have really got to find a corn maze. That just looks like too much fun!

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