momma’s new stuff

Peonies. Peonies. How I love the Peonies.

Thrifty find of the week:

(Not the kid, of course, but the iron bench and outdoor ottoman.)

and I think my woes have been settled in the dining area (notice how I didn’t say dining room? well, it’s really just a walk through to the kitchen).  It’s been a never ending drama filled area, with me never satisfied with the new arrangements.  Well, darlings, I think that’s all done now (the drama), because this area is now PERFECTO!!!!

Here’s the before:

and now….drumroll…..tadahhhhh, the after:

p.s. as I was writing this, my dd asked me if she could go back in my belly.  She’s 4, wears a size 6, and weighs 35lbs.  I said sure.  She then tried to put her head in my belly button.  Kids are so funny!


One response to “momma’s new stuff

  1. Absolutely perfect!!!!

    I also love the peony pics. The are one of my favorites and I love the little ants that run all over them. They are actualy necessary to aid in opening the bud up.

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