I got a foul

My dh is a baseball fan.  A Cubs fan,  to be more specific.  I have no clue about baseball.  Or the Cubs.  I’ve been trying to find ways to learn more.  At my ds’s games, I’ll ask, “what’s a double?  what’s a home run?” Just kidding, I know what a home run is.  I’ll call the runs “points,”  he’ll correct me.  So, I have this girlfriend who is obsessed with Cuddyer on the Twins.  I watched a game with my dh just so I could see what Cuddyer looks like.  I was not impressed.  But I had an idea.   I’ll find my baseball crush.  So, I went about, until I came across who I thought could be my baseball crush.  I said, “honey, honey, I know who I like in baseball.”  He asked, “What team is he on?”  “The Jets.”  “Uh, the Jets are football and they’re my team’s arch enemies.”  Okay, I give up.  I’ll go back to gardening.


3 responses to “I got a foul

  1. You have done it once again! Incredible writing!

  2. Super awesome post. Honest!

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