Gardening, how I missed thee.

Finally, I got to dig my hands in the dirt.

You know what feels like an accomplishment?  When I can name all of the plants in my yard.  And all of the trees in my neighborhood.  Without the little tags to remind me.  The first year we were in this house, I brought my Complete Garden Flower book with me everywhere (a gift from my DH, awww), until I finally had it figured out what was out there and what I wanted add.

So,,,here goes:

spinach; cinnamon basil; carrots; rhododendron; hydrangea; mum; hosta; my veggie garden: tomato, beans, peppers, lettuce; tomato; pepper; a dying tulip; petunias with a wind charm; a garden angel; lily of the valley.


One response to “Gardening, how I missed thee.

  1. Nothing is finer than having so much life around you. Watching your children grown, the teeny seedlings prosper under your tender care, the baby puppy finally behaving.

    You will especially enjoy watching the tree you planted in the front yard grow. The roots running deep and parallel to yours. It measures time passing by and may be there long after you have moved onto other stages in your life.


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