One Year Ago

Charlie was just a pup.

And my garden already had seedlings sprouting.

This year, same time as last year, I don’t even have anything in the ground yet.  The weather has been awful.  Really.  I’m not just saying that because I am lazy, it really has been bad.  And today – today is the first day it hasn’t rained or been too chilly in over two weeks and my dd is sick with pink eye and wants to be held all day.  Here’s to hoping and praying I don’t get it, too.


One response to “One Year Ago

  1. I have tried to leave a comment 2x


    I think one of the wonderful things about living is watching who and what we love, grow. Our children, our tender little plants, and teeny puppy dogs.

    Mother nature is amazing, a miracle and a reminder of the circle of life.

    The apple tree in the front yard is putting down deep roots and getting stonger and growing and maturing as is your family and all the living things that you handle with your care.

    You are one of my miracles and I am so pleased that you find pleasure playing in the dirt. I do too!

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