The Spring Boutique is this weekend

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been busy knitting and knitting, so much so that my knitting peeps had a bit of intervention with me. You see, my hands have been going numb at night. They said it’s unnatural the amount of knitting I’ve been doing.  But I want my inventory to be quite sufficient enough at the show.  I want to be able to donate some cashage to good causes and also take a bit home for myself.  After that, I will take a small break from knitting, or go a bit more slowly.  I’ve been thinking about a cabled handbag for weeks now.  I might just do a few rows a day or week, whatever I fancy.  And whatever doesn’t sell at the show will be put in the shop.

Anyways, besides Knitting I’ve also been going to birthday parties.

For my niece, who turned 4.

and a girlfriend, who turned 30.

I went to an award ceremony for my ds, who won two trophies and a scholarship for bowling. (He’s on the right and his buddy is on the left)

Well, lovelies, I’ll be writing again after the show to tell you how it went…

Till then, xxoo, momma


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