I love you, Spring

While we wait for some sort of answer as to whether this weather is going to last or not, I’m going batty not gardening in the sunshine.  So, I asked dh if he’d put up the gazebo.  Last year we tore down the porch and the slab of cement has been so lonely.  I thought the gazebo would give us a sense of privacy again.  It hasn’t, but it still looks nice.  (and is a good place to get shade for the hot summer months)

And the peonies are coming up. They’re my all time favorite!

I caught dh practicing his golf swing.  He played for the first time of the season just the other day.  Here we go with the golf swing practice while waiting for dinner to cook, while waiting in lines at the store, while out having a drink, you name the place he’ll stop to check his golf swing (minus the club, of course).

(in fact, he’ll be checking the blog to see how his swing looks. :))

Anyway, here’s to hoping you’re having a fantabulous spring.

xxoo, G


One response to “I love you, Spring

  1. Your weatherlooks great. I watched the Twins game against Boston in the new stadium. It looked like summer!!! Whatsup!

    By the way, your peoni old growth needs to be cut back after the first fall freeze. They come up even more hardier the following year.

    Strawberries are cheap right now….wish we could make some jam together.


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