my love affair with the library is back on.

Have you been on the edge of the seat, wondering if my library card worked or not?  Well, IT DID!!! I got books.  yay!!!  So, I’m in love with the library again.  All is good in the world now.

So, after getting a buttload of books at the library, my dd and I went to the hot dog stand, because yay! it is open.  That’s the first sign of spring/summer – the hot dog stand being open.  Usually, the tulips aren’t up yet, but since the weather has been so nice, those are up, too, and everything just feels so right in the world.  I wish I could put my seeds in the ground.  I cannot wait!!!  Anyway, at the hot dog stand, which by the way my ds and I are volunteering at tomorrow (moneys go to his school!!!), an old lady came up to me and my dd and said, “two peas in a pod,” very matteroffactly.  “Well, yes, indeed we are,” I replied.  And it’s totally true.  My mom says I am her best friend and I think my daughter is my best friend, too.  Doesn’t the thought of that just make you smile?

Well, and my ds is my bestie, too.

So, I decided to do a mini photo shoot:


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