Good or bad luck?

I decided to clean our “JUNK DRAWER” today.  I know, I was seriously motivated.  I should have done a ‘before’ and ‘after’ pic.  Anyway, you’ll never guess what I found.  My library card!!!!  Remember I was boycotting the library, because they said I had a humungo fine? (read the story if you want.)  Well, I wasn’t even sure if it was my library card so I went online to check if perhaps it was someone else’s card (and then I could use it. yipeee) and lo and behold it was mine, but the fine magically disappeared.  Um, what?  Okay, okay, so I said it right here, today, to all of you.  So, you are my witnesses (all 3 of you – thanks for reading, btw :):):)) My fine is missing yet again, is this good or bad luck?  I have yet to find out.  So….I am going to the library and seeing what happens.  Oh the suspense.  Will I be able to check out books? Or not?  Hrmmm…Well, be sure to check back tomorrow so I can tell you what happens.

till then,

xxxoo Momma


One response to “Good or bad luck?

  1. You might pull it off at the libray, but I bet blockbuster has banned you for life.

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