everyone can like pink and yellow means slow down

Yesterday, I overheard my dd saying to my dh that there was a boy in her Sunday school class that likes princesses.  How could that be, she asked.  Only smart GIRLS like princesses, she stated.  My dh replied, “I don’t know.”

“AHEM,” I shouted.

“Oh, oh.  Boys can like princesses, too,”  he told her, “is that better?”

“yes,” I said.

“no, no, no,” dd came back at us matter of factly, “boys CANNOT, CANNOT like girl stuff.  No, no!!”

How do you argue with that?  Well, yes, indeed, the conversation went back and forth for a while until she was utterly perplexed.  How is it that boys could like girl stuff?

I wonder where they learn that from.  TV? Parents?

Oh speaking of learning from your parents…you’ll never guess what dd screams as I come to a stop light.

“Momma, if it’s yellow, speed up.”


I asked her where she learned that and she said, “daddy.”


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