ta dah, a random thoughts diary post.

Remember when I said I was going to post everyday?  Well, that was a lie :):):)

Anyway, I’ve been busy trying to lose weight.  I joined a fitness club and I’ve been doing water aerobics.  I think water aerobics is da bomb.  You know why I think it is da bomb?  Because I am the skinniest and youngest person in the class.  You might think I am shallow, but you know what that does for the ego?  It makes me feel real good.  Really.  Except the other day, I had to stop for a second – we were treading water in the shallow end (do you know how hard that is?  Really.)- and the instructor stopped the entire class and said, “oh lovely, the youngest person in the class just stopped for a break.”  That wasn’t that great for my ego.  !!!    Forty pounds to go…ugh!

Have you ever known someone who looked EXACTLY like someone else you know, but it’s not them and you cannot get the similarity out of your head and so you even call that person by the previous person’s name?  Well, there is this lady that looks EXACTLY like one of my mom’s cousins; her evil, backstabbing cousin.  And this lady is in my water aerobics class.  At first, I thought my mom’s evil cousin was following me.  And so at first I was giving this lady the stink eye.  But then we started talking and laughing and I realized there is no, no way she is my mom’s evil cousin.  But it gives me the heebies thinking they look so much alike, but are so different.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about all of the things that give me the heebies.  Like, I thought this handmade pledge was gonna be super easy, since I am so thrifty anyway.  But I’ve been realizing how particular I am about things.  You know, I already told you about the shower curtain.  Well, underwear!  Sorry, there aint no way, no how I am gonna go used with those and that’s including tanks.  I’m sure you are thinking, “oh duh, no one ever buys used undies.” Ahem, well, did I ever tell you about my garage sale where I put out all my thongs for 25 cents a piece and they went like hot cakes?  Uh huh, seriously.  So, anyway, the weird thing is that I don’t like used undies and shower curtains, but I will wear used shoes without socks.  I know, sick, righhht?  But no hats, gloves, pillows, or rugs.  Those all have to be new.  But I’ll buy used sheets and possibly towels.  Hrm, I guess I am just weird like that.

Anyway, the weather is getting warmer here and I’ve been thinking about gardening.  It is so hard to make myself wait until Mother’s day, which is supposedly the day that marks no more frosts until the fall (around this neck of the woods, anyway).  Last year, I started seedlings indoors in February and they were these amazon-like plants by May.  Unfortunately, all they had were those tiny seedling pots and so…most of them died.  It was rather tragic.  I hate to see living things just go to waste like that.  So, this year, I am not doing seedlings and I am just going to buy starters.  AND guess what?  My dearest mother sent me a gift card for FIFTY DOLLARS to home depot for my gardening stuff.  That is like the best present ever!!!!

But I still have two months to go!!! 😦

Sunday morning, March 21, my dd jumped into bed with me and said, “wake up.  Happy Spring.”  Isn’t that adorable?  When you live in a place that’s so cold for so long, Spring and Summer are so anticipated it makes your heart hurt.  And so you wear lots of flowers.  And pink.

Take my dd.  Here she is in her spring dress, spring hat, and spring pants (because it’s still too cold to go without).  –Today, she wanted to wear her jelly sandles.  Um, kid, NO! — She’s adoring herself in the reflection of the doorknob.  (note my new shower curtain)

Well, darlings, I hope you are having a warm (ish – if you live where I live.  Anyway, it’s all relative, right?) Spring.

xxoo, momma


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