spa day

My dh gave me a spa package for Christmakkuh and I finally used it today.  I had a revitalizing facial and a spa pedicure, darling (that was said in a fancy schmancy voice).  I also had a make up touch up.  Wow, I know.  But have you ever had a facial?  Wait, let me rephrase that question: have you ever had a facial when you’ve had blackheads?  Um, ouchieeee.  The facialist was very concerned about my blackheads, so concerned that she tried selling me one hundred dollars worth of stuff to make it all better.  I think it’s from my blush – that I love, love, love, because it makes my cheeks glow – because the blackheads are just along my cheek bones.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a woman, right?  By the way, I DID NOT spend 100.00.   Anyway, now that you know all about my blackheads, would you like to see my feet?

So perty, right?

xxoo – momma


2 responses to “spa day

  1. Pretty toes! Sounds like a fun day!

  2. Royal feet…..told ya

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