Have a good day. (gross post)

I made banana bread this morning.  I had to, because my dh and I both bought bunches of bananas yesterday and we don’t eat that many.  But we will if they’re in banana bread.  Also, I am trying to entice my dd to eat a nibble or two.  She hasn’t eaten all morning; she is sick.  Yesterday, she threw up just once, but it was a doozy.  It was in the car, on the way home from the doctor, who by the way doesn’t know anything!  I had to tell the doctor where to look (her ears) what to diagnose her with (ear infection)  and what meds to give (uh, hellooo, antibiotics!).  On the way there, she looked a little pale, and on the way home she announced she had to throw up.  Dear God, in the car?  So, I said, “wait, let me find something.”  As I’m driving, the only thing I can think of is the prescription bag.  So, I dump out the meds and give it to her, just as she blows.  I’m so proud of her for doing what she’s told, but then the bag starts to drip and the stench of its contents circulate the car.  Oh Dear God.  My ds gets a whip, and he, too, starts to gag.  i say, “DS!!!  If you have to throw up, do it out the window.”  He replies, “but she didn’t have to.”  Fortunately, we made it home with just one child covered in her putrid, but I can’t stop the images of the scene from Stand By Me – you know, the pie eating contest.  Where he takes the castor oil. and Throws up. and then everyone in the audience throws up on each other.  Yeah, this post is really gross.  If you’ve made it thus far, yahooo for you.  Anyway, once dd had her antibiotics and layed her head down to sleep, she slept straight through for over 12 hours.  Unfortunately, because I didn’t have her waking me up (why bother with an alarm clock?), we missed ds’s bus.  So, I had to waker her to take ds to school.  And unfortunately, the car seat was covered in vomit, sitting in the rain.  Oh, did I mention I left my windows open to air it out?  I should really check the weather before I do something like that!  Anyway, long story short, my dd is sick, my ds is at school, and I’ve been baking banana bread.  And it’s raining and gloomy out.  At least it’s not snowing.  🙂


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