My brothers.

I spend a lot of time with my brothers and I take a lot of pictures of them, so it was only bound to happen that one of them was going to ask why I never put any pictures of them on my blog.  Well, I’ll tell you why, they don’t let me take serious pictures of them.  They’re either too tough or too silly.  And I want to portray them as the sweet and loving dudes that they are.  Nonetheless, I had some good lighting today and though these pics do portray them as tough ass dudes, they’re really awesome.  And, sure, they are tough (I would never, ever cross them if I were you), but they kinda remind me of my dog Jake; he is really, really scary looking – if I didn’t know him, I’d walk on the other side of the street if I saw him coming, but he’s also the most gentile creature.  For pete’s sake, my dd rides him like a horse!  I don’t think my brothers have ever let my kids ride them like animals, but they’ve surely played games and read books, cuddled, and sang songs.  So, here’s to my bros! Love ya.


2 responses to “My brothers.

  1. Scary…..but I love ’em!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey~ Your brothers look like my brother~

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