my week.

It’s Friday!

What have I done all week?

Well, I shopped a little.  I found a pair of BORN maryjanes at the thrift store for 8.00!!! And a really cute tray that I painted red, because I think I’ll use it in my craft show.

I went to my son’s school assembly to watch him play the recorder.  He didn’t have a solo or anything, but he wanted us all there.  Wouldn’t ya know it, I was so far back I hardly got any good shots of him.  This is him looking for us:

He was so happy that we went.  If there’s one thing a parent can do to make their child happy – go to their school in the middle of the day.  I do it about once a month and my ds always tells me how much he loves it.  I volunteer in the library and the cafeteria – they even give me free lunch!! (who can pass that up?)  I also volunteer on the PTO and he tells me all the time how happy he is that I do stuff for his school.  I like it when he’s proud of me.

I’ve also been knitting lots and lots!  I have a fundraiser craft show that I am doing in in a month and half.  I have lots to do!

One night, my husband approaches me and says, “please tell me I am not crazy.”  And then shows me his ice cream cone; it’s a wrapped ice cream cone in a wrapped ice cream cone.  Um, okayyyy.  He’s definitely not crazy, it’s those skinny cow factories.  This is what our world has come to – eliminate human jobs, replace them with computers, and this is what happens.

And I went to a pizza play date.


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