weekend part duex

So, my dh keeps calling me from work, asking “where’s part 2? where’s part 2?”

Well, here it is…

Saturday, we were so early to the movie that they were closed.  I’ve never been that early in my life!   So, we went to Target and Byerlys and got movie treats galore.  We all put them in our pockets and our purses and told the kids to shhh about our hidden goodies.  What was I teaching my children?  It wasn’t like we were stealing!  Then, when my mom said, “don’t say anything or we’ll go to jail,” I had to intervene and say, “well, worst case scenario, we’ll be kicked out.”  Oh what a great mom I am.

When we were getting our tickets, they guy said, “under 3 are free.”  I said, ‘perfect,” even though I knew perfectly well that my four year old was NOT three!!  Again, what am I teaching my kids?

But we got in with my free ticket for the four three year old.  And then when she didn’t blow our cover, I rewarded her with m&ms and cookies and chips and twizzlers.

To offset my karma, I bought one lousy FOUR DOLLAR soda.

My ds, niece, and mom saw Alice in Wonderland.  With my dd, I watched The Chipmunks The Squeakual; OMG, kill me, please.

That night, my older brother came over for dinner.  He told us about his new phone that has INTERNET!!!  I already have internet on my phone and I have all of the cool apps, so just to oblige him I ooohed and awed.  But then he told us about how he thought he was downloading an app for something or other and it turned out to be an app for his PMS calendar, and I just about peed my pants.  Of course, it turned into inappropriate humor and since my mom and I had had one too many pours from the wine box, we laughed and laughed.

On Sunday, my mom went to dog obedience training with me and she actually said Charlie is a good dog.  woop woop woop woop.  So, maybe that 100.00 is paying off.  also, guess what!  I scheduled a ONE ON ONE with the dog trainer for last week that I missed.  umm, what I want to know is why would anyone NOT miss class if you are gonna get a one on one in return?  I think there are more absences in the future…

I think this has been the best visit from my mom so far.  I was so sad to see her leave.  Could she really be my best friend?  possibly, just possibly.  Wow, what a long way we’ve come from my teenage years.

And what’s great about having two extra girls (my mom and niece) in the house?  Models!!!  Check it out:

And let me just say….yes, as you can tell, I am not the perfect mother, but what can I do?  This is 2010.  this is what I have to deal with:

Oh Lordy, I thought my mom had it bad when I was a teenager.  I wonder what I am in store for….


One response to “weekend part duex

  1. Sweet!

    (future please take pictures from my neck up)


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