My weekend part uno.

My mom came to visit from Florida.  It was in the mid thirties all weekend, and me and my family were wearing short sleeves.  I told ya this is what happens when you live in the coldest place in the US.  (Don’t quote me on that, I’m just guessing.) (ahem, we also have the most alcoholics here, too. :D)  My mom was bundled in her heaviest coat and whimpered when she had to go from house to car to store to car to house.  It was quite funny.  But not for her.

What did we do this weekend?  Lots and lots!

Friday night my mom babysat and I went on a double date with my main squeeze.  We went to my friend Laura’s husband’s show at this really cool coffee shop downtown.

Then, we went to this fancy schmancy restaurant for dinner.  I drank cosmos.

Okay, I didn’t get any good pictures in there.

And speaking of pictures, I forgot to show you the pictures that were taken just a mere hour before my double date.  This is how I have mastered the art of parenting kids in extracurricular activities. (okay, okay, soccer mom.  Except the soccer is baseball and dance :):))  My dd’s pictures were at 6 and our friends were supposed to pick us up at 7.  Basically, what I am saying is I rock.  And I didn’t even speed.  (yes, because her pics were taken at the dance studio).  Want a quick peek?

Now aint that cuuuute?

UHOH, I’ve got to go…I’ll be back later with part duex.


One response to “My weekend part uno.

  1. Great stay…….you rock dd

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