Happy March.

I live in this really whack community where it gets so cold in the winter that when it spikes to the 30s, it’s like summer.  Only, it’s really the beginning of spring.  Everything starts melting.  And everything gets dirty.  And sometimes, people wear short sleeves and shorts!!!  Yesterday, it was in the 30s and there were even kids on the playground!!!  This is astounding.  I love March.  You think, wow, could it possibly be that winter won’t last forever?  Anyway, I went on a family walk with my dh, ds, dd, and the two dogs.  Jake is white.  After the walk, his bottom half was black.  And Charlie was a complete mess.  Here he is before I gave him a bath (seriously, I think I give this dog more baths than my kids).

Happy March!

I need to start getting serious about garden planning.


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