Dear diary.

Dear Diary,

So, the promotional spot on etsy was such a waste of money.  Oh well.  I think being crafty becomes a chore when all you think about is selling it.  so, I’m just gonna do my thang and maybe attempt craft shows?  But only if the craft shows have some purpose, like a fundraiser.  Which is convenient, because my friend Laura asked me if I wanted to sell stuff at her fundraiser craft show and I said, “heck ya!!!.”

I ordered some really cute fabric tags for my stuff.  I totally designed them myself.  what do you think?

Ingrained in the membrane yet? 🙂

Here’s what I am working on right now.  I think my favorite stitch is the seed stitch.

Someone gave me bracelets from India today.  The picture doesn’t do these justice – they’re so colorful and fancy.  I love em!


2 responses to “Dear diary.

  1. very nice….i think it is a great idea to do stuff solo. You are a talented lady…… may still want to try boutiques in Minney for some of your custom knitting pieces. They are beautiful.


    see you in tomorrow

  2. Hi Gggggg-What up-I LOVE the birthday party with the little girls!!! Looks like you are snowed in-shoot-Very cute dog looks just like you-why am I not surprised. Keep Warm!! Lots Of Love-Susan

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