collections & confessions.

Normally, I find blog giveaways totally obnoxious.  But then when I saw dottie angel’s give away for one of her wall hangings, and all I had to do was tell her about my collection(s), I hopped on that band wagon.

And then I went about my house, looking for collections.  And what I found, dear readers, is that I may border on being a hoarder.  No seriously, I have collections I didn’t even know I had.  Like, pillows and rugs and bjork cds and bed spreads and sign language books and frames and yarn and children and dogs and unfinished house projects.

But my most favorite of all?  I have two!

My star collection, which I inherited from my late aunt Franny and have added on

and my camera collection, which is partly from my aunt Franny, partly from my dh’s grandfather, and partly from me.  It’s small, but impressive.

Sadly, I didn’t win, but I did come away with a newfound perspective; that I am a collector of collections.  And that collections are not always intentional.

Anyway, I have a confession.  Actually, a few confessions.  First, I went shopping.  Second, I didn’t buy clothes.  I went to H&M, Urban Outfitters, Kohls, and Target.  I perused the clothing and walked right on out.  Aren’t you supremely proud of me?  That’s, like, totally, where I shop.  Well, and Old Navy.  I don’t dare step in there!!!  So, I haven’t bought any new clothes for approximately 58 days.  And I’m going batty, people, just batty.  My final confession is that I bought a NEW shower curtain.  I totally justified it, because my old shower curtain had a stain and I didn’t want to buy a used shower curtain, because, well, I get the heebies thinking about that shower curtain clinging to the previous owner whilst in the shower, buck naked, and ew I don’t want to go there.  So, yes, I am wholeheartedly sticking to my handmade/recycled/reused pledge, with the exception of a brand new shower curtain.

But, alas, do not fret.  I had an idea to make up for it.  I took the old shower curtain and handmade it into a shawl, which turned out a bit bulky, and so I draped it over my dd’s shelf.  Um, shabby chic anyone?

I just cut off the length I wanted, hemmed it a bit, and added a bunch of vintage lace from my stash.

So, see, all is good in the world again.  🙂

I better get back to knitting, I bought a promotional spot on etsy for tomorrow.  eek, I hope it goes well!!

But before I go, here are some photos of my darlin’s:

p.s. that’s my dh with his mozzarella cheese.  He’s alll about the cheese.

xxxoooo, mwah,



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  1. love you bunches my dd


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