Finding my niche, drinking diet coke, and reading crafty blogs.

Well, the funny girl turned out to be fine.  I must say, this was the very first time that my dh and I were completely opposite on opinions of sickness and going to the doctor.  Usually, it’s me being all frantic and making appointments and urging to be seen.  But I think I finally took all of my experience of going to the doctors and shelling out the dough, just to hear a “it should clear up in a few days.”  And sure enough it did.  But I didn’t need a doctor to tell me that.  So, really, I should have paid myself.  And bought a new outfit. or something.

Except that I can’t, because I have a resolution.  That, I must say, I am quite proud I’ve made it thus far.  53 days, to be exact.  No new clothes and stuff, just handmade and reused or recycled.  Except that I have been buying new yarn, because I really get the heebies thinking about touching used yarn.  I don’t know why, I guess that was my limit.  I’ve been buying used fabric, but I’ve bought some new, too.  I feel like it’s new, but I’m making handmade so it’s okay.

And speaking of handmade, I have a new addiction.  I think it might be worse than my diet coke addiction (which I’ve fallen off the wagon yet again).  I am addicted to blogs.  well, craft blogs.  Well, crafty sewing blogs to be exact.  I even brought out my handy dandy sewing machine from the basement and plopped it in the dining room and took over.  I suck at sewing.  I don’t know what my deal is.  But I can’t stop the infatuation with wanting to be crafty like these other bloggers.  Let me tell you my favs:  rufflesandstuff, craftoholicsannon, & skiptomylou.  Okay, those are my top three, but I have, like, 20 blogs I follow.  I feel so inspired, but, see, it’s kind of dangerous, because I feel too inspired.  If there’s such a thing.

All of a sudden I wanted to make ruffled aprons galore.  I think I perfected the ruffle, but couldn’t get my second hand fabrics nor my new fabrics to go together.  And in the end I came out with one apron I like and I threw the rest away.  I just couldn’t stand to look at them, they were so friggin ugly!!!  Here was the one I liked best:

I decided it’s knitting that I enjoy most.  and I’ll sew when needed.  (I have this urge to make ruffled scarves (see rufflesandstuff and you’ll know why), but I’m trying to contain myself.

I think I love knitting, but I can’t sit still for very long.  But aha!  Do you think it could be all the diet coke?  I think I might be on to something.

Here’s my latest knitting concoction:

A clutch (with a pretty bow).

Like I need another one of those.

I guess I am just trying to find my niche.  And I really, really wish I could make some money off of whatever it is.  No one has bought anything from my store and it reminds me of this craft show I once went to.  I had a table, I made a bizillion earrings (I do that, too) and I think I sold maybe one pair.  In about 6 hours.  It was so depressing.  Partly because I was pregnant at the time.  But I still carry that with me; my hormone induced saddened rejection.  Poor me.

Well, at least I have a healthy stash for gifts. *wink*

Well, off to go read my favorite blogs before bed, get some inspiration, and start new projects tomorrow.  I know you’re thinking, “wow, she goes to bed?”  and yup, I do.  How I find time?  Well, I’m telling ya, it’s the diet coke.  I wonder what the secret ingredient is.



One response to “Finding my niche, drinking diet coke, and reading crafty blogs.

  1. Your blog looks wonderful. It was nice going through your blog. keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂

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