Funny Girl part duex

Don’t mind her hair.  It was a rough night last night.  She was sick all night, and crying.  Wouldn’t let me take her temp and refused tylenol.  It was fun. Not.  So, early this morning, I called and made an urgent care appointment.  Wouldn’t ya know it, she popped right up and was so chipper she decided to have a picnic in the middle of the living room.  I canceled the appointment.  I hope tonight goes better.

I’ve been in a ruffly apron making mood.

Here’s my silly model:

If it weren’t for the hair, you’d never know she was up all night crying of ear pain, would you?

p.s. this is my new favorite song and video:


One response to “Funny Girl part duex

  1. dgdl isn’t carmera shy is she?

    Love the video…those Europeans just exude coool…as in cool cats.

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