Dear Bloggies

Ha, clever eh?  (you know, groupies for blogs. :):):))

Today was an ordinary day, except that I did YOGA!!!  Yes, yoga.  And it’s been quite some time so my limbs are quite sore.  But ah, how I love yoga.  And how I love water aerobics.  How I love that if you miss a step no one knows but you.  If you aint got rhythm, if you didn’t shave your legs, if your thighs are a bit bulky, and if your fat jiggles when you kick your legs.  Water aerobics, yes, would have to be my favorite.  If not for all the good things I mentioned, but also because  you get to sit in the hot tub afterward.  ahhh.

But.  This load of laundry (yes, laundry again!!!) sits here waiting to be folded.


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