Funny Little Girl.

I forgot to tell you about my thrift store expedition the other day.  It was rather funny.  I went with L, the funniest little girl.  Sometimes, I don’t think she realizes how funny she is, until everyone is laughing and then of course, she doesn’t stop being funny.  As in I’ve heard “You Know what?  Chicken butt.  You Know why? Chicken thigh.” about a bizillion katrillion times.  Or, that joke, “Knock, knock. Who’s there?  Ach.  Ach who?  Bless you.”  Always funny the first or second or even the third times, but after that oh no, it becomes obnoxious.  That’s kids, I guess.

So, we were at the thrift store.  L doesn’t stop talking.  I don’t think ever.  So, she’s qite good company to go shopping with.  Here was our conversation throughout the store:

“Momma, why are those people’s skin so white?  and…wood?”

“Honey, those are not people, they’re mannequins.”

“No they’re not.”

“Yes, they are, honey, they don’t have heads.”

“They are too people.”

“Honey, you have to have a head to be a person.”

She goes into deep thought.

We find a golfing book for my dh, which was perfect, because I found a second hand gift for him without trying (and I gave it to him valentines day. awwww) (I also gave him a golf ball monogrammer.).  The title of the book is “Tiger Woods, how I golf.” Score.

“Daddy is gonna love this, isn’t he?”

“Yes, he is.”

Appropriately, as we roll through the dressing room area, where there is a mirror, she stops and starts singing – Loudly!! and into the mirror as she does a little dance – “Daddy loves Tiger Woods.  Daddy loves Tiger Woods.  Daddy loves Tiger Woods.”

“Hmm mm, honey, yes he does.”

“You know what?  When we get home, daddy is gonna say, where’d you get that Tiger Woods book and when we tell him the thrift store, he’s gonna say, ‘Noooo Wayyy Jose.  Noo Wayyy Jose.  No Way Jose.’ Right?”

“Yup.  He’s gonna say, ‘No Way Jose.'”

“No Way Joseeeeeeee.”

“Momma, what are we having for dinner?”

“I think subway, honey.”

“oh. oh. oh. Can we have root beer?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Yessss.  Subway and root beer.  subway and root beer.  subway and root beer.”

“Okayy, now shhhh.”

“Momma, I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“We love each chudder.”

“Yes, we do.”

By the time we made it around the store and to check out, she had a fan club.  I am not kidding!!!

What is this child going to be like when she’s older?  Hmm, I wonder…

Here she is this morning.  She requested three pony tails with pink cub barrettes.  God, I love her.


3 responses to “Funny Little Girl.

  1. What a great blog entry

  2. How completely sweet. SHe’s a charmer alright.

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