This is bananas.

Does anyone else think it’s ironic that I took ‘you’re writing sucks’ as ‘write more often?’  Ironically, I think of two things whenever I say ironic, which isn’t very often because of these things: 1. that song by Alanis Morissete and 2. that scene in Reality Bites.

I can just sense my mom reading this right now.  She’s saying, “move on dot org.”

Anyway, I had an overdue book.  Had.  I don’t have it anymore, because I brought it back to the library, because they sent a notice in the mail, because it was really, really late, because I really loved it and I think I want to buy it.  Makes no sense, right?  I’ve already paid for a portion of it.  Let’s see, about 14 days overdue at 25 cents a day equals 3.50.  The book is 11.20, new.  If I buy it, it will have cost me 14.70.

I can sense my mom reading this, saying, ‘why do you do this to yourself?’

Well, mom, move on dot org. 😀  I see it as donating to the great socialist cause of the library system.  I mean, really, without all of my late fees, could the library system survive?  Um, I think not.

Anyway, when I went to drop it off at the drop box at the library – no way was I going in – I pulled in behind a big ol SUV.  The drop box is approximately 20 feet or less from where you stop your car.  (when are you gonna install some drive thrus, people?  This is exactly where I want my money to go. (kidding.))  The SUV lady turned on her car alarm!  This just floored me.  Who’d she think was gonna steal her car?  Me? Ha.

You want to know what the infamous book is, don’t you?

Knitting for Good!: A Guide to Creating Personal, Social, and Political Change Stitch by Stitch.

Ahem, honey, are you reading this? 🙂

Well, back to laundry.  I’m about to post a pic of my laundry piles.  PILES!!!  Good Lord.  I’m either really crackers for showing you this picture or for having this much laundry to do, or both!  Either way, I’m crackers.  Note: I used my handy dandy thesaurus for ‘crazy’ and this was one of the words.  I never thought of using cracker as ‘one that cracks.’  FYI, you can also say ‘bananas’.

(it’s in black and white, because everything looks better in black and white, wouldn’t you say?)


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