It’s all your fault, snow!

Snow my God.  My house, my poor little house that we’ve been fixing up with bathrooms, and siding, and roofs, and gardens, well, my poor little house is still a poor little house.  And it’s the snow’s fault.  It’s been snowing and snowing and snowing and melting and then snowing.  I mean, can you imagine the roads?  Well, now our gutters are one big ice damn and it’s melting into the sliding glass doorway.  I thought it peculiar when I found the screen covered with icicles and the faint sound of a drip.  Turns out, it’s melting on the outside and inside of the glass door.  Just great.  Now, besides snow, who else can we blame?  The roofers?  The siding guys?

And I know everything is fixable.  I know we’ll get it figured out.  But I was really hoping to save that tax return.  Or, buy a camera.  or a sewing machine.

Anyway, what I need is a cute photo fix.

and these will do (my dd, L, wearing overalls, a belt, and high heels.)


One response to “It’s all your fault, snow!

  1. There is no challanging mother nature and she seems to be in a foul mood right now, everywhere.

    Soon (3 months), it will be Spring.

    It is just a temporary situation and it will never be perfect.

    You do the best you can and then you just


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