Funny day, not.

See, nothing really funny happened today.  Oh, except how everything was NOT so funny.  First of all, I woke up late.  My kid did, too, and that meant he didn’t take a shower – again!  Then, he said he wanted to eat breakfast at home and not at school, which is what he does every morning, and to be honest I thought that would work more in my favor so I wouldn’t have to stand out at the bus stop and wait for God knows how long, because you can never, ever count on the bus arriving on time.

And did I mention it was basically a blizzard this morning?

And so I didn’t take into account the warm up time for my car until the last minute and then when I went to get my keys, they were not hanging on my hook and so I had to go on a hunt for them.  All the while, my kids are freaking out, because I am freaking out and then I realize that L hasn’t had her face or her hair brushed, but I couldn’t be bothered, because dammit where were my keys?  I texted the teacher I work with and told her I couldn’t find my keys, wouldn’t know if I’d be coming in today.  Mind you, this is at 9am.  My ds starts school at 8:50 and normally I’m pulling into work at 8:59.

Finally, I find my keys in my camera bag – who put them there?  I take a breather and tell the kids I love them, momma’s hasn’t just lost her marbles, she lost her keys, but she found them so all will be fine now.  I smile, and said, ‘mmmmkay?’  We get in the car, thank goodness it’s in the garage.  I take a half a minute to warm up and then slide out the driveway.  Yes, slide, it’s a friggin blizzard.  I drop the one kid off at school, all the while telling him momma loves you, sorry you’re late.  Then, I get behind a car going – I kid you not!!! – 10 miles per hour.  Geez, you’d think these people would know how to drive in the snow.  I check out the freeway traffic and looks as though it’s bumper to bumper, so I stay on the side roads, following the guy going 10.  I see 10 as better than 5.  Finally, I start my pull in to work and there’s a snowbank, so I have to back out and find another way in.  I park, grab my other kid, and run in, the snow is so high my jeans are now wet and my socks are, too.  Whew.

When I got home, I realized we have no toilet paper at the most unfortunate time.  And the damn garage door does not close.  Charlie has tore off the head of the little one’s barbie, and I try to ignore Jake’s howling.  I would have a diet coke, but I’m trying to cut down.

By night fall, my man has come home, brought toilet paper, and started snowplowing.

I attend knitting night with my lovely knitting friends, the first time of the day having real adult conversation.

I find out that the PTO isn’t boycotting me, after all, they’ve been sending emails to the wrong account.  I get working on a flyer for Family Reading Night, which is tomorrow.

I get some chocolate and curl up to read my book.


One response to “Funny day, not.

  1. Whew….what a whirlwind life you have.

    And the climate doesn’t make things any less stressful.

    Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast

    You’ve got to make the moment last.
    Kickin’ round the cobblestones
    lookin’ for love and feelin’

    I think that’s how it goes. My memory isn’t what it used to be. A product of the 60’s ya know. If you can remember it, you weren’t there!


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